Thinking of Buying?

Congratulations! You’re shopping for a new home, how exciting. Whether you are Moving out…Moving up…Moving on…or searching for your Forever Home we are here to help! The Fairhurst Team has been helping buyers since 1991.

Not wanting to use a Real Estate Agent to help with you with the purchase of your new home? Oh, the stories we could tell of buyers who went it alone.

A few examples…
  • I met with a seller to sell their town home. The seller told me that right after moving in, they got stuck with paying for a new roof. The Realtor they used didn’t go over the documents with them and alert them to the upcoming roof assessment.

  • A seller in Cloverdale called us to sell his home, only to find out, it was had been a GROW OP twice in the past…he bought the house from a friend of a friend, without the services of a Realtor.

  • Another seller in Guildford, also bought a house that was an EX Grow OP, bought without the use of his own Realtor.

  • A seller in Whalley selling their town home, bought and got stuck with a paying for a new roof right after moving in, it was in the minutes?

  • A buyer of ours was SAVED $4,000 by us checking with the City documents and found out a bill was owed due to damage to city property. We had the seller deal with that bill before our buyer committed to the purchase.
We see buyers all the time out there on their own…we always wonder why?

Reasons you want The Fairhurst Team working for you…

  • Keen understanding of the current Real Estate Market
  • Involved in over 1,250 Real Estate Transactions
  • Draft the purchase agreement in your favor
  • Unsurpassed knowledge of buildings that may or may not be dealing with issues, such as upcoming repairs
  • Ask for all necessary documents so you can make an informed decision prior to fully committing
  • Checking for potential problems, ex-grow operations, final occupancy certificates, engineers reports and more
  • Access to trusted mortgage broker, creative, quick and competent…who’s on it and knows their stuff!
  • 23 years of Real Estate, we’ve dealt with almost every type of buying situation…not much surprises us these days!
  • We care, we listen and we are going to tell you what we think, so you make a sound choice when it comes to your home purchase
  • And best of all WE WORK FOR FREE! That’s right our services to you, as a buyer are FREE.
  • It makes sound financial sense to have The Fairhurst Team on your side
Contact us today to get your search started! You’ll be very glad you did.